The First Step of Faith: Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

As a first step of confidence building, we sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with our clients to assure complete confidentiality and security of your sensitive data that you disclose to us. We promise that neither our clients’ concept idea nor his internal key features will be revealed to any third party.

Our Work Begins: Research and Analysis Document (RAD)

Even before the project is assigned to us, we start our contribution. We begin with an in-depth understanding and analysis of our clients’ requirements. Additionally, our team starts its market research and tries to contribute towards enhancing the core concepts of the project which are supplemented to the understanding documented. The final requirement specification document covers the following: (add dropdown jquery)

Time and Cost Estimation Document (TED)

Time and Cost Estimation Document (TED) After the detailed understanding document has been approved by the client, we submit the time and cost estimate for the project. This document will also comprise of a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to be signed by the client if the terms and conditions are agreed upon. The TED consists of – (add dropdown)

Project Design and Development

Based on the final project understanding, we follow the below mentioned steps .

  • Prepare mobile and website wireframes
  • Prepare mobile and website designs
  • Begin project development